Sunday Morning Meditation

Every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.,
join us for Meditation in the Sanctuary.
Meditating in community is a wonderful way to
up-level your consciousness and
clean your mental, spiritual and energetic “palettes.”
Treat yourself and join us!
All levels welcome. Each week our Meditations are facilitated by one of our loving licensed Practitioners.

October 2018 – Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth

About CSL Bakersfield


Meet our new minister!

Welcome Rev. Carol Carnes! 
Rev. Carol is a California native, currently living in New Mexico, where she has tried retirement only to find her soul calling her to continue teaching these principles that are greatly needed in the world. So, being open to what might materialize, Rev. Dr. Carol put into consciousness the desire to find a community that has done some deep spiritual work, that has healthy structures in place and that is open to significant evolution and growth.
That's us! And she felt that when she experienced CSL Bakersfield in person.
So, she and members of our Minister Search Committee (MSC) and Board of Trustees (BoT) have engaged in a series of talks, interviews and exchanges that have le Also, since her daughter and at least one grandchild live in SoCal, she desired to come to to California - an added bonus!d her to feel that this is the community she put into consciousness.

And for us, why Rev. Dr. Carol?
Over the last two years, we have visioned, prayed, cleared old material and meditated on the desire for a "dynamic, light-filled leader" steeped in the principles of Science of Mind and the teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes. We have stated the desire for someone who is a strong speaker, teacher and organized leader.
Since the time that Rev. Dr. Carol was introduced to us, the members of the Minister Search Committee have done their due diligence in reading letters of reference and calling various people who have had community experience with her. Every person with whom we have spoken has strongly endorsed her. We have conducted several interviews with her, have heard her speak, teach and have had social time with her.
As a result of our exploration, the members of the MSC unanimously voted to recommend her for hire by the Board of Trustees. After meeting her and hearing her speak, teach and after doing their own due diligence, the members of the BoT were unanimous in their agreement to call for a vote by our community members.
So now it goes to each community member. Again, on August 5th, all CSL B members will have the opportunity to exercise their benefit of membership* by voting either to accept or reject the recommendation to bring in Rev. Dr. Carol Carnes to be our Senior Minister/Spiritual Leader.
Below is more information that will aide you in doing your own due diligence to be able to make an informed choice regarding Rev. Dr. Carol Carnes.
*To become a member so that you may vote on business matters for CSL Bakersfield, please see Ann Kinnett for questions and submit the membership form found on the back table to Ann or Kristina Kinnett for processing and Board approval.

About Rev. Carol Carnes
Rev. Dr. Carol Carnes comes from a varied background in service and Global Ministry. Her career has spanned three decades and has taken her around the world. In the company of some of the great minds on the planet; scientists, religious leaders and cultural icons, she has participated in three Synthesis Dialogues with HH the Dalai Lama and other world leaders in Italy and India. She helped plan the 2014 Awakened World Film Festival in Santa Barbara, the Gandhi King Peace Train and several New Thought conferences. Her service to the international Centers for Spiritual Living included being the Director of Education and Member of the Board of Directors.
She has written for Creative Thought and Science of Mind magazines.  Morehouse College, the alma mater of Dr. Martin Luther King inducted her into the MLK International Board of Preachers in 2000.
She has spoken at two of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, in Cape Town, South Africa and Melbourne, Australia.
Author of two books, she has a daily blog,
“Living Consciously” which serves as inspiration for thousands of people around the world. You can receive Living Consciously by signing up on her website
In her own words “I believe the world is awakening to its spiritual roots, relieving itself of the superstition and dogma of Religion. To be spiritual is a way of living and thinking, not an institutionalized set of rules and regulations to follow. Spirituality ought to set us free to be authentically who we are and fully present wherever we are. Learning to honor and respect the creative nature of our own mind, seeing how we are one with the universal intelligence, can change lives dramatically. From physical healings to financial prosperity and all manner of healthy relationships, we can direct our own destiny
with the right use of mind.”

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Spiritual Community

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